Nothing sets 31LC up for success quite like our team-building events. We get together for all kinds of fun, including bowling nights and our team wing nights. The bonds we build away from our work roles make our collaboration on the job even stronger. With that in mind, we’re excited for the many group activities we have planned for the rest of 2020. There’s always another memorable team outing around the corner for us.


Along with our regular group outings, our 31LC travel events serve as excellent morale-boosting opportunities. When we represent our company at conferences, networking functions, and retreats, we get to know each other better on a personal level. As we connect with accomplished peers and leaders, we get to learn valuable new insights together as well. We come back to the home office more inspired than ever to work toward major goals.


We also give back as a team on a regular basis. Helping to make the world a better place together is the ideal way to build stronger connections with our colleagues. Like our business trips, we get chances to connect with likeminded pros when we give back. The fact that we sharpen our firm’s public profile in the process is just icing on the cake.


There will be plenty more 31LC team outings in 2020. For updates on all our group activities, be sure to follow us on Instagram.